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Murwall Custom

Custom kits for your club, your group of friends or to give away at an event. Make a difference with your own designs. Anything you can imagine, we can make it.

This is how we personalize your kit

Your passion is ours. At Murwall, we’ll help you customize your gear. Use your own design or build on any ideas you propose. Send us your favourite examples, colours, photos or logos and our creative team will sketch a 3D design that’s unique to you.



Based on the ideas you propose, we will make a preliminary basic design. In addition, we will advise you on the most interesting garments according to your needs.


Once you accept the initial proposal, we'll start to optimise the design details to match your desired garment with a consistent graphic design across all your gear.


After approval of the different designs, we’ll start the pre-print process to ensure that the colours and graphics chosen are of the correct quality to carry out the customization.


The final stage is the production process, where we make the requested garments one by one, controlling each stitch, each seal and every detail of your order.

Need inspiration?

Tell us what you have in mind and our creative team will shape it until we find the design you’re looking for. Throughout the design process, we will advise you based on our experience, proposing improvements and ideas for you to get out and about in a unique outfit.

What makes us different?

We are manufacturers. We create each personalized garment individually, putting a lot of care into every step of the process and paying close attention to every detail until you achieve your perfect garment.

We are 360º and we carry out the whole process in close consultation with you, guaranteeing the quality of the service and the fulfilment of delivery deadlines.

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What sizes are available?

The available size range is 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL AND 4XL. Each product spec sheet has a size guide to help you choose the one that fits you best. Keep in mind that the main rule for cycling clothing is that it should fit well against the body to achieve better aerodynamics while avoiding chafing. Snug does not mean tight. You should feel the clothes mould to your body.

Who is in charge of the design?

Whoever you like! If you have a design or any idea, please send it to us and we’ll adapt it to your desired garments. We can send you a template for you to position your logos and designs, or we can take care of the design from start to finish. The important thing is that you are satisfied with the result.

How long do orders take?

Estimated delivery time is 4 weeks from design confirmation. At any time we will inform you by e-mail of the status of the order and the date of issue.

What methods of payment are available?

The method of payment in Europe depends on the units in the order. Normally we ask for 50% on the order confirmation and the remaining 50% before shipment.

Can I return my order?

As this is a custom order, the construction is made specifically for you, so we do not accept changes or returns unless there are errors in the production. In that case we would re-manufacture the defective garments at no additional cost. It is very important that you review the order and design we ship to you before we start production to avoid any issues.

Where are garments designed and manufactured?

Murwall manufactures and designs its own brand in Talavera La Reina (Toledo). We have a specialized design team, the most innovative fabrics for cycling and an in-house garment workshop with many years of experience.